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Tony has had a vast career spanning over 36 years, he was previously employed by a main AGA agency until recently when they went into liquidation.


He began as a fitters mate at the age of 17, through hardwork and his commitment to the company and his family he developed his skills and knowledge in the field to become a senior AGA technician.


With the support of his wife and two adult children he has dived into the challenge of creating his own business in order to continue offering a high quality service to the many customers he has got to know along the way, and those he looks forward to meeting in the future.


All of Tony's training and relevant qualifications were completed at The AGA Training School in Telford. With this training he can offer you all aspects of care for your AGA across the complete range


The office is run by Denise, Tony's wife of over 30 years.    



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For All Your Aga Needs

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